Betting Rules

Bet acceptance


All bets are accepted based on the events of the proposed program according to the odds defined by the Organizer. Bets are accepted until the actual start of the event, except online bets. Online bets are the bets which are accepted during the event at Organizer’s discretion. In case if the bet has been placed for some reason after the actual start of the event, it is considered void, except the current online bets.


Bets are not valid until they are validated and shown in the Customer Bet History. In cases of uncertainty about the validity of a bet, the Customer is requested to check the open (pending) bets, or contact Customer Support Service.


Unless accepted in direct/indirect error by the Organizer, once accepted the bet will remain valid and cannot be removed. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure details of the placed bets are correct.


Should a dispute arise about the acceptance (or lack thereof) of any transaction in the Customer's account, the transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in deciding such matters.


The Organizer has a right to return the stake amount at any time before the actual start of the event. In this case the placed bet or bets are considered void, and the Organizer makes an announcement about it either in his news section or by sending e-mails to the e-mail address specified by the Account holder during registration.


BetKanyon reserves the right to limit the winning of any bet or combination of bets for one cheque by 30.000  (thirty thousand) TRY.


All bet selections are subject to pre-imposed limits set solely at BetKanyon's discretion, which may be lower than the limits mentioned in <2.6>. Should this limit be reached, the Customer has the right to ask for it to be exceeded by means of a request affected through BetKanyon's platform(s). BetKanyon reserves the right to accept (fully or partially) or reject the said request without any prior notice and further explanation.


BetKanyon reserves the right to decline, solely at its own discretion, all or part of any bet requested.


BetKanyon reserves the right to restrict or deny access, totally or partly, to the user account, at its own discretion.


All bets placed through any BetKanyon platform may be subject to a time delay prior to acceptance.


BetKanyon reserves the right to withhold any payment, subject to any investigation being made by an official organisation.



Cancellation (annulment) of bets


A bet can be declared void and in that event will be settled with the odds ″1″.


A bet made as a multi bet shall remain valid notwithstanding a match or an event which is part of the multi bet being void.


A bet made as a multi bet shall never include two or more offers the outcomes of which might turn out to be related (e.g. Team X to become champion and Player Y to be Top Goal Scorer in the same league). Although BetKanyon takes all necessary steps to prevent such possibilities, in the event that this happens BetKanyon reserves the right, solely at its own discretion, to declare void all parts of the multi bet which include the correlated outcomes.


In case of staff’s errors or software failures (obvious typos in the program, odds, totals, handicaps, mismatch of odds in different positions, not typical, wrong odds, etc.) and other facts confirming incorrectness of the bets (including online bets) which are either:

a. materially different from those available in the general market at the time the bet was  made, or

b. clearly incorrect as opposed to the ones available in the general market at the time the bet was made,

we will pay the winnings with the correct odds, as well as calculate them with the odds ″1″ (stake refunded).

Examples of circumstances where this would apply are:

a. the odds are recorded as 40 when the odds offered in the general market are 4,

b. the margins for handicap betting have been reversed.

c. the margins for totals are explicitly wrong, e.g. the odds are recorded as 685 when the odds offered in the general market are 68.5.

d. the scores of the games have been reversed, e.g. the score is recorded as 3:0 when the score is 0:3. In this case the correspondence of odds is required.

e. betting effected after the event has started.



Disclaimers and priority


In order to adjust any inaccuracy in the customer's balance following amounts credited due to an error, BetKanyon reserves the right to adjust, amend or cancel the bets with incorrect odds or results, due to which the Account holder's balance may be subject to a certain change. In case where after the recalculation of bets the client's balance is negative, the client is not able to bet until he replenishes his account.


In case BetKanyon has strong arguments that the Account holder's account has been used by a third party for the purpose of making bets, and/or confirmation of the re-registration (including a new name), BetKanyon reserves the right to invalidate the bets made with such an account and cancel the winning amount.


BetKanyon reserves the right to suspend access to the account until it completes any investigations deemed necessary.


In cases where it deems that these Rules are inconclusive, BetKanyon reserves the right, by its own discretion, to settle offers on an individual basis, on the basis of equity, attaining itself to generally accepted betting norms, customs and definitions.


Adaptations into other languages of these Regulations, or any other text which can be associated with bet offers, are done for purely informative purposes. Although all necessary precautions have been taken to assure the most faithful rendition of these terms in the specific language, BetKanyon will not accept liability for any incompatibility between the Armenian version and any other language version. Thus, in case of discrepancy between the Armenian edition and the respective translation, the former will be deemed as binding and will be the basis upon which the offers will be settled.


A bet can be declared void, and will be, in the event of required compliance with applicable law or Force Majeure.


Statistics or editorial text published on the BetKanyon site are to be considered as additional information but BetKanyon does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if the information is not correct. At all times it is the customer's responsibility to be aware about circumstances relating to an event.



Result settlement


When settling results BetKanyon will do its utmost to attain itself to information obtained first hand (during or exactly after the event has been concluded), through TV transmissions, streaming (web-based and through other sources) as well as official sites. Should this information be omitted from first hand viewing and/or official sources and/or there is an obvious error in the information included in the sources above, the settlement of the bet offer will be based on other public sources. In this case the disputed bets can not be appealed.


Settlement of bets is considered to be final in the case the settlement is correct at the time it has been made and/or does not contradict any of the rules. Settlement of bets will not include any changes deriving from and/or attributable, but not limited, to disqualifications, penalisations, protests, sub judice results and/or successive changes to the official result after the event has been completed and a result has been announced, even preliminarily.


All bet offers related to matches/events which do not take place at all or are awarded a result through a walk-over decision will be declared void. In case of postponing the not started event for no more than 72 hours, the bets remain, and in case if 72 hours pass they are refunded. If during 72 hours there is information about postponing the event for more than 72 hours the final decision about the bets being valid or refunded is taken by the bookmakers office. If the matches of NBA, NHL, NFL, baseball (MLB) don’t take place on the appointed day, the stake amounts are refunded immediately the next day, except the cases when the specified date is wrong.


The started event may be interrupted for some reason, i.e. may not continue up to the end. The event which has been interrupted and hasn’t been finished during 24 hours is considered completed if played not less than: 70 min. in Football, 40 min. in ″4 twelve- minute quarters″ basketball (NBA) and 35 min. in ″4 ten-minute quarters″ basketball (in eurobasketball), 54 min. in hockey (NHL), 50 min. in eurohockey, 50 min. in American football, 5 innings in baseball, 60 min. in bandy, in these cases the outcome (the actual result) of the event which is considered to be completed is the recorded result at the moment of interruption of the event (except tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton). In all other cases the event is considered to be not completed, including interruption of the match at the time of tie in those sports where tie isn’t allowed (baseball, hockey playoffs, etc.), and the bets (including online bets) must be refunded.

If the event has been interrupted and is considered to be not completed, those outcomes which are determined at the time of its interruption and don’t depend on the final result of the event (for example, the team won’t score but it has already scored, who will score the first goal when it has already been scored, the outcome of the first half, etc.) are taken as a basis for calculating the bets (including online bets).


If two or more participants share certain finishing positions, the bets are returned if only one of the participants is officially declared won.


Unless specifically stated, whenever the organising association deems it fit to include any necessary rounds, matches or series of matches (e.g. Play-offs, Play-outs, Postseason) following the end of the so-called Regular Season in order to determine the classification, league winners, promotion/relegation, etc, BetKanyon will take into account the results and outcomes deriving from these matches for settlement of the bets referring to the final league classification, promotion, relegation, etc. For example, the seasonal bets on the team winning the NHL will refer to the Stanley Cup Winners.


During specific events BetKanyon might decide to offer for betting a reduced selection of participants and might also include betting options such as "Any other", "Yes or No", "Only A or B", or similar. This option includes all unlisted participants except for the ones mentioned specifically as available.


Bet offers which originally require from the participant(s) to compete in two or more stages/legs to advance into a subsequent phase/round of a competition will remain valid regardless of any postponement/movement of the actual match dates, given that the said match(es) actually takes place within the competition.


A bet on "To Qualify" market originally requiring just one stage/leg to advance to a subsequent phase/round of a competition (including any eventual prolongations/additional matches, e.g. replays) will be declared void if the outcome of the said match is not determined within more than 72 hours after its supposed start time.


Irrespective of whether such information has been detailed in the bet offer or not, bets on matches being played on so-called "Neutral pitches" as well as in cases where the venue/surface type is changed, will not be treated as a cause for the offers to be voided, provided that the location in which the match takes place cannot be demonstrated as being the habitual "home" pitch of either team involved in the match, in which case all bets will be declared void.


Information referring to gender of the team members, age groups and youth teams, as well as various definitions of reserve teams (e.g. women teams, etc), is to be treated as supplementary information. The inclusion (or lack of) and correctness of such information will not be treated as sufficient cause for voiding the offers related to the match/event, given that this does not cause an obvious inconsistency in the offered odds. In the latter case BetKanyon reserves the right to make the settlement at its own discretion.


While all the necessary precautions are taken by BetKanyon to assure the most faithful rendition of all the components involved in a bet offer, it is to be assumed that certain denominations could be represented differently due to different interpretations deriving from adaptations into another language. Such linguistic incongruence will not be treated as sufficient cause for voiding the offers related to the match/event, given that it does not create uncertainty with other participants. The same applies for denominations referring to events, team names, sponsor names, etc.


In case of bets where there is reference to timeframes, they should be interpreted in the following way: ″within the first 30 minutes″ will include anything happening until 0 hours 29 minutes and 59 seconds; ″between 10 to 20 minutes″ will include anything happening from 10 minutes and 0 seconds until 19 minutes and 59 seconds.


Bets referring to event/match duration which include non-full integer digits (E.g. X.5 minutes or X.5 rounds) require the full completion of the full integer of the listed duration for them to be considered as won. For example, a bet on Over/Under 6.5 Rounds in a boxing match will be settled as Over only if the 7-th Round actually starts.


Any reference to goals scored by specific players will not count if they are defined as ″own goals″ (scored into their own goals) unless otherwise stated.


Any medals won by a team/nation per competition will count as one (1) single medal regardless of the number of team members.


All the complaints regarding the calculation of the winning are accepted in written form within 5 days after announcing the event outcome.